Your First Visit

We look forward to warmly welcoming you when you first visit Shire Dental and aim to ensure your visit is a truly positive experience. 

Your first appointment is a chance to meet our friendly dental team and to get to know us. We always enjoy meeting new patients and building relationships that we hope will last for years to come.

Completing Our Medical Questionnaire

For your first appointment, we ask you to complete a medical questionnaire.

The questionnaire is available online, but if you prefer to fill it in when you arrive, please get here a few minutes early.

Please ensure you have all the relevant information for filling in your medical history, especially details of any medications currently used and any allergies to medications or antibiotics.

Even though this first visit is most likely just a check-up, we want to ensure that all treatment recommended is safe and appropriate and will not interfere with any medical treatments.

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What to Expect During Your Dental Exam?

Our dentists will introduce themselves to you and ensure you feel comfortable and relaxed in the dental chair before completing a dental exam. 

During this dental exam, we will most likely wish to take a complete set of digital dental x-rays. 

These are necessary to provide a comprehensive overview of your dental health so we can recommend the most suitable treatment plan.

Discussing the Results

After completing your dental examination, we allow plenty of time to discuss the results and answer all your questions. 

You will receive a preventative dental care plan showing how frequently we recommend follow-up visits. 

If you need any dental treatment, we will explain possible options carefully, so you know exactly how it will help your dental health, the cost, and the time required to complete treatment.


What Makes Us Unique

It is very important to us that you have a positive experience from the moment you first contact our friendly dental practice.

Our team are hand-selected for their excellent communication skills, empathy and compassion. We treat every patient like family, providing a high standard of care in a warm, relaxing environment.

Pain-Free Dentistry

Good dental care should never feel painful, and Shire Dental is dedicated to providing pain-free dental care for everyone. 

We take great care to ensure every treatment feels as comfortable as possible. 

Our dental team can offer nitrous oxide (Happy Gas) and sedation dentistry to help anyone who feels more nervous or anxious about treatment or who fears needles to relax in the dental chair fully. 

Happy Gas is perfect for helping people with mild anxieties or fears feel more relaxed. 

Sedation dentistry offers a deeper level of sedation and is suitable for treating people who feel more anxious, need lengthier dental treatment or have a strong gag reflex. 

Options include oral conscious sedation; taking a pill shortly before treatment makes you feel more relaxed when sitting in the dental chair. 

Alternatively, intravenous sedation is given throughout treatment, and you feel so deeply relaxed you may fall asleep.

Benefit from a Modern Environment and the Latest Technologies

Our modern practice is meticulously maintained to the highest standards, providing a safe environment for you and our dental team.

We continually update our skills and dental knowledge, regularly introducing the latest procedures, technologies and materials into our practice.

When you visit Shire Dental, you can be sure of receiving the most appropriate treatment using materials designed to last longer and provide excellent results.

Our entire team finds building professional relationships based on mutual respect and trust immensely rewarding.

We look forward to meeting you and your family, welcoming you to our dental home, and helping you enjoy optimal dental health.

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