Crowns & Bridges

A damaged or infected tooth or teeth that are missing entirely can mar the appearance of your smile, causing difficulties with eating and talking comfortably and confidently. Crowns and bridges can restore structure, appearance and function; each is appropriate in different circumstances. 

Although crowns and bridges will restore your appearance cosmetically, they also protect your dental health. Crowns and bridges need at least two visits to Shire Dental, as we must prepare the teeth to be crowned and take a detailed dental impression so our dental lab can fabricate these restorations to our exact prescription.

What is a Crown, and When is it Used?

When a tooth is missing a significant portion of its structure or has received root canal therapy, it cannot be restored with an ordinary filling. A crown covers the entire tooth, completely encasing it and providing excellent protection against further damage and decay. 

We can also use crowns to cover teeth that are misshapen or too small or as a final restoration to cover a dental implant. Once the crown is placed, the tooth will look and feel natural and comfortable.

What is a Bridge, and When is it Used?

A dental bridge can ‘bridge’ the gap left by one or more missing teeth that were originally adjacent to each other. It consists of crowns covering the adjacent teeth and which are attached to the replacement teeth. These replacement teeth are called pontics and are contoured to look and feel exactly like real teeth and rest on the gums.

A bridge is strong, stable, and permanently fixed in place so you can talk, smile and eat with complete confidence. We can also use a bridge to cover dental implants, which can be an excellent option if the natural teeth adjacent to the gap are too weak to support a bridge or are missing.

If you lose teeth, it is essential to replace them soon afterwards; otherwise, your remaining teeth can shift position, negatively impacting your bite. A bridge will prevent these unwanted tooth movements, protecting your oral health.

Custom-Designed, Long-Lasting Restorations

When creating crowns and bridges, we take tremendous care to ensure they look good and function optimally. We can use strong, lifelike porcelains that look as good as natural teeth and will not stain or discolour. 

Your new crown or bridge should last ten years or more with the right preventative dental care. Good daily oral care, regular check-ups, and hygiene appointments will help ensure they remain in great shape for longer. 

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