Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic dental treatments available and can brighten the appearance of your teeth by several shades. A professional teeth whitening treatment is safe, effective and affordable and can significantly improve the appearance of your teeth, so you have a healthy, confident smile.

Why Do Teeth Become Stained?

There are many reasons teeth can stain, and often, it is due to lifestyle choices like smoking, drinking coffee, tea or red wine, or liking highly coloured or acidic foods and drinks. Sometimes teeth look stained because of ageing restorations or if you have an older root canal treatment. Your teeth naturally darken as you age, as your tooth enamel becomes thinner, exposing more of the tooth colour in the dentine underneath.

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Ensuring You Whiten Your Teeth Safely and Effectively

Shire Dental uses the highest quality, professional strength teeth whitening products to whiten your teeth safely and comfortably. During your initial consultation, we can also assess why your teeth have discoloured and discuss the type of results you can expect to receive from this treatment. Everybody’s teeth are unique and whiten slightly differently, and existing restorations like fillings, crowns and bridges or veneers will not change colour during the teeth whitening treatment.

Once we are sure teeth whitening is the right option for you, we can discuss how you wish to brighten your teeth. Our dental practice offers in-office whitening and custom home whitening kits. We use Opalescence professional whitening products as they are safe, gentle, and effective.

Whitening in Our Dental Practice

Whitening treatment in our dental practice takes around an hour. First, we will take the initial shade of your teeth before applying a protective barrier to your gums. Next, we apply Opalescence Boost teeth whitening gel, and all you need do is sit back and relax and wait for the results an hour later. We will retake the shade of your teeth at the end of treatment, and you will be able to see a significant difference immediately.

Using a Custom Whitening Kit

Some people prefer to whiten more slowly in the privacy of their own home. We can provide custom-made whitening trays that fit exactly over your teeth and which you fill with Opalescence whitening gel. This whitening gel is safe for home use, and we can prescribe the correct strength of gel for your needs. You simply wear the whitening trays for a few hours or overnight before removing them, brushing your teeth to remove excess whitening gel, and cleaning your whitening trays, so they are ready to use next time.

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