Regular Dental Examinations

We encourage all our patients to come and see us regularly at Shire Dental. Most adults benefit from six-monthly visits.

We will recommend a suitable preventative dental care plan during your initial appointment at our clinic based on your unique oral health needs.

Why See a Dentist Regularly?

Regular check-ups with our dentist are the simplest and most cost-effective way to maintain a healthy mouth and teeth that should last for life.

We can detect any signs of disease or other dental problems at an early stage, often well before you have any symptoms.

At this point, treatment is quicker, less invasive and less expensive than leaving problems to develop.

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What to Expect When You Have a Dental Examination?

A dental exam is non-invasive and painless, and before we begin, we will review your medical health in case there have been any changes and discuss any concerns you might have about your oral health.

During your appointment, our dentist will gently examine your mouth, checking each tooth for any signs of lesions or soft spots that can indicate the beginnings of a cavity.

We also check your gums, taking accurate measurements at each visit.

This allows us to see if there have been any changes to your gum health and to identify any early signs of gum disease.

Oral Cancer Screenings

Regular oral cancer screenings are an important part of your preventative dental care plan, and dentists are specially trained to detect signs of this disease.

Oral cancer can create few symptoms until this condition is advanced and more difficult to treat. In comparison, receiving treatment during the early stages can lead to a far better long-term prognosis and potentially be life-saving.

Dental Cleanings

Regular dental cleanings are a vital part of your dental check-ups.

Most people benefit from having their teeth cleaned professionally every six months. Even if you clean your teeth thoroughly, some dental plaque will likely remain, and this hardens into calculus or tartar within a couple of days and can no longer be removed with a toothbrush or dental floss.

We can gently and thoroughly clean your teeth, getting rid of all calculus build up, and helping to prevent tooth decay and gum disease.

It is also quite a nice treatment because we will polish your teeth, so you leave our practice with beautifully fresh breath and super smooth, shiny teeth.

Dental Education

We love educating our patients, so if you would like some help with your brushing and flossing routine, please just ask.

By working with you, we can provide the foundation for optimal oral health and ensure you are up to date with all the best techniques and are using the right tools when looking after your teeth and gums between visits.

Dietary Advice

We much prefer to prevent dental disease, and one way we can help you achieve year-round oral health is by offering dietary advice.

Your diet, and even when you eat certain foods, can make all the difference to your dental health.

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Professional Preventative Dentistry

Regular dental check-ups and cleanings are essential to your preventative dental care routine. You will only need to visit our practice for an hour or so, typically every six months. 

During these visits, we can check your oral health carefully, clean your teeth professionally and discuss any potential problems that might be developing. We also review your medical history as sometimes medical conditions can impact oral health, and we may need to adjust your preventative dental care plan accordingly.

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