Early Intervention

We encourage children to feel comfortable and at ease when visiting us. Early intervention dentistry is non invasive and oral health is important for a child’s growth, development, general health and self esteem.
At Shire Dental Centre, we want your children to have the best dental care that is available as they transition from their baby teeth to their adult teeth. We recommend that children should start visiting the dentist as soon as possible as it is important that we detect any problems in growth or development early. Regular visits will also help your child to get used to having their teeth checked therefore relieving any problems and anxieties as they get older.
To give your child the gift of a beautiful smile, early treatment is the key.

Why early treatment with a functional appliance is so important

Functional appliances can help correct:

  • 🦷 Bite problems
  • 🦷 Underdeveloped jaws
  • 🦷 Narrow dental arches
  • 🦷 Crowded teeth
  • 🦷 Deep overbites
  • 🦷 Jaw joint problems
  • 🦷 Airway problems
  • 🦷 Thumb sucking habits

And can often prevent:

  • 🦷 Removal of Adult teeth to relieve crowding
  • 🦷 Fang-like tooth appearance
  • 🦷 Lengthy use of braces
  • 🦷 Speech difficulties
  • 🦷 Crowding
Orthodontics Miranda

How we can help

Let us meet your child’s orthodontic needs as early as possible. It is critical to correct any functional jaw problems as soon as they are developed as functional therapy provides children with improved appearance and speech.

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