Dentures are a popular and cost-effective option for replacing missing teeth. Treatment is non-invasive as no surgery is required to make and fit dentures. There are two types available which are partial and full dentures.

What Is a Partial Denture?

Partial dentures replace one or more missing teeth in an arch. A partial denture has teeth supported by a gum-coloured acrylic base and is usually strengthened with a metal substructure.

Metal clasps fit around existing teeth to help provide additional support. Sometimes a partial denture will have special attachments, and these fit onto specially adapted crowns fitted over your natural teeth helping to hold the denture more securely in place.

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What Is a Full Denture?

Complete or full dentures restore a complete arch of teeth. A full denture has denture teeth supported by a gum-coloured acrylic base.

A lower denture relies solely on the ridge of bone that originally held your natural teeth for retention and support. An upper denture is designed slightly differently, so it covers your upper palate, providing more retention and support for the denture.

Will My Dentures Look Natural?

Modern dentures look natural and are custom-designed to be comfortable and fit properly. A huge range of denture teeth is available, and our dentist can help you select teeth in a complementary shade, size and shape.

Designing and Making Your Partial or Full Denture

We take extensive care when designing and making dentures, and you will need several appointments at Shire Dental.

First, we take an impression of your mouth and use this to create an impression tray called a special tray. We use the special tray to take a second, more detailed impression. We also create a wax bite rim that fits in your mouth over the bony ridge that originally held your teeth.

The bite rim records detailed measurements, ensuring your denture is fabricated to the correct dimensions and providing the proper support for your cheeks and lips. Your denture is first made using a wax base that supports your denture teeth. We can try in the wax base, making adjustments to ensure the denture fits properly. The final stage is to replace the wax base with the acrylic base and to finish and polish your denture.

Fitting Your New Denture

When you return to our dental practice, we can fit in your denture, make any small adjustments and discuss how to look after it. We can also give you useful advice on wearing your new teeth, including getting used to speaking and eating with your new denture.

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