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Our Practice

We had you in mind when designing our practice and wanted to ensure we created a warm and welcoming space for all our patients, where you know you can feel safe, relaxed and comfortable in a clean, well-maintained environment. When you visit Shire Dental, you can feel confident about receiving the best and most appropriate dental care tailored to your needs.
Shire Dental Centre

A Family Oriented Practice

Shire Dental is a family-oriented practice providing dental care for patients of all ages.

We are pleased to offer a comprehensive choice of treatments carefully designed to accommodate most dental needs, so you can access all the care you need under one roof.

Our range of treatments includes general dentistry, especially preventative dental care, to help you gain and maintain optimal oral health more easily.

We strongly focus on preventative dentistry, as it is the most cost-effective option and will help you keep your natural teeth for years to come, and we hope for life.

We are also passionate about patient education, aiming to provide you and your family with all the knowledge you need to care for your oral health at home so you can make a more informed choice about your dental care.

Our Team

Shire Dental operates smoothly and effectively due to our great dental team. We are a close-knit group who all work extremely well together.

Everyone here has been hand-picked for their skill and experience and their ability to work well as a team, providing the support needed for all of us to do our job properly and ensure our patients receive excellent dental care.

Receive Kind, Compassionate Dental Care

Our entire team is kind, compassionate and caring, and we are here to help ensure every visit to our practice is a positive experience.

Please ask if there is anything we can do to ensure your visit is more comfortable. Our team is experienced in helping people who feel nervous or anxious about the thought of dental care, and you will find we go out of our way to assist patients who feel this way. It is immensely rewarding for us to help people overcome dental fears and phobias.

We Love Getting to Know Our Patients and Their Families

We all enjoy getting to know our patients, some of whom have been visiting us for years and are here to assist in any way we can.

If you have questions about any aspect of your dental care, including booking appointments, payment or aftercare concerns, please ask us for help.

No query is too small, especially if it helps to set your mind at rest, and we will almost certainly have the answer immediately or will find another team member who can address any concerns.

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