Not just concerned with straightening teeth to create a beautiful smile, our Sutherland Shire orthodontics service is focused on the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of problems with tooth and jaw alignment.

Through the use of corrective appliances such as braces, plates, splints and clear aligners, orthodontics aims to ensure your bite, mouth and jaws are aligned correctly and working in perfect harmony so as to maintain long-term oral health.

Child orthodontics

One of the most important aspects of childhood development is good oral health.

Orthodontic assessment and treatment in young children, around age six, is referred to as interceptive orthopaedics and is based on the philosophy of early intervention to minimise the need for extensive orthodontic treatment in later years.

There are many benefits to offering your child orthodontic treatment. Some of these are:

  • Ability to clean their teeth and gums more easily;
  • Reduced risk of tooth decay due to better oral care;
  • Decreased risk of trauma if there are no overly prominent teeth;
  • Better function and less wear on their teeth due to better alignment;
  • Improved profile and appearance;
  • Increased confidence and self-esteem.

Adult orthodontics

Orthodontics is not just for children… In the past few years our Sutherland Shire orthodontics service has seen a remarkable increase in adult patients looking to correct problems that were left untreated as a child.

After spending many years suffering from misaligned teeth and the many problems associated with this condition, adults are looking to improve their current oral health situation.

You are only given one set of functioning adult teeth and although you do have replacement options, nothing is as good as maintaining your own strong and healthy teeth.

The benefits of adult orthodontics include:

  • Enhance your appearance and self-confidence;
  • Correct crooked teeth and close gaps;
  • Improve the ability to clean and maintain a healthy mouth;
  • Reduction of tooth wear due to a balanced occlusion (bite);
  • In preparation for restorative dentistry such as implants or bridges;
  • To resolve muscle/joint tension and pain associated with an incorrect occlusion.

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