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Suite 7/20-24 Gibbs Street, Miranda NSW 2228

Reduce heart attack risk with a good oral hygiene routine A recent US study investigating the heart health of almost 700 individuals has revealed brushing your teeth twice a day, every day, can reduce heart attack risk by as much as three times. Why does good dental hygiene reduce heart attack risk? Because brushing twice a day, every…

Treat yourself with these tricks to avoid cavities Tis the season of trick or treat. Let’s be honest – mostly treat. And to be fair, a day of treats won’t have too much of an impact on your dental health, but if you’re wondering around the neighbourhood collecting candy, storing it away for a rainy…

dental health week

Dental Health Week (6-12 August) acts as a reminder to Australians to visit their local dentist regularly and to implement healthy oral practices at home. This year the theme is Watch Your Mouth. Dr Peter Bouboulos at Shire Dental Centre said the aim of the cheeky theme was to raise awareness of the importance of…


Invest in mouthguards When it comes to mouthguards, you shouldn’t take a one size fits all approach, because it doesn’t. A custom made mouthguard is specifically designed to the shape of your mouth for maximum protection – impressions of your teeth and gums are taken to provide the most accurate image of your mouth. A mouthguard…

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